Roseanne Chen

"When I arrived I didn't understand any Spanish.  From the beginning, they explained to me in English while I couldn't understand what they were saying in Spanish, but little by little I learned to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish."

Sarah Gucker

"Everything went very well, the teachers helped me a lot with my Spanish. Also, I met a lot of friends from different countries around the world".

Nadia Statsenko

"I have met several different teachers at this school and therefore the classes have also been different. My opinion of this school is that because of the different approach and method of the different teachers, the classes have been more interesting and enriching to study here".

Maureen and David Boxer

"The teachers at the school are good. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to understand the accent, but after the first class it wasn't a problem. We really like the possibility to interact with the teachers at all times, they are very flexible in that sense."

Rozenn Pensec


"The teachers are very friendly and also available by email for everything I need. The classes are very interesting because there are many different levels and with compatible timetables for the Au Pair girls".


"Me siento bien en esta escuela de español. Los profesores son profesionales, pacientes y amables. Sobre las clases de español, lo más interesante son las lecciones diferentes todos los días y los ejercicios para practicar gramática, comprensión auditiva y conversación."


"I feel good in this Spanish school. The teachers are professional, patient and friendly. About Spanish classes, the most interesting are the different lessons every day and the exercises to practice grammar, listening and conversation."

Myka Macalalag


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