Welcome to La Rioja Spanish School

La Rioja Spanish School, founded in 2015 in Logroño, Spain, is the first school dedicated to the professional teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) in the county of La Rioja. 

Its history is created with the passion of its founders, Gonzalo Velasco Pascual and Jorge Peña Solanas. Both, Bachelor of Arts from the University of La Rioja, mixted their love for culture and teaching to create a space where students could immerse themselves in the learning of the Spanish language.

With extensive experience education and cultural management, their vision materialized into a school that not only teaches the language according to the CEFR standards but also showes the rich cultural heritage of La Rioja, the birthplace of Spanish.

Our vision;

Short term: To offer Spanish courses for foreigners and obtain accreditation from the Cervantes Institute in the category of Accredited Centre.

Long term: Creation of a wide educational offer of courses both in Spanish language and wine culture with the aim of becoming a teaching reference among a foreign adult public in the Community of La Rioja.

Our mission;

Elerioja Learning Services S. L. aims to be the reference in the private field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in La Rioja.


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